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Welcome to Matthew's Child

We've officially launched our brand new site, with many new areas to help you get informed about who we are and what we're doing in our community.

Thank you for visiting Matthew’s Child, and joining us on this journey!  Matthew’s Child is designed to support and encourage every aspect of the foster and adoptive process.  We are blessed to have several different blog authors who will share their stories, opinions, and experiences. All of our authors come from different backgrounds; we do not hold ourselves out as “experts”, but as experienced individuals sharing advice and information.  You may find you agree with some posts; you may find you disagree with others; hopefully you can gain some comfort, knowledge, support, or insight in our thoughts, words, and various perspectives. You can always feel free to join in the conversation in the comments!

Each blogger for Matthew’s Child has a genuine desire to encourage, support, and uplift readers.  While we personally “vet” each blogger for our site, there may be times that we do not agree with or endorse an author's thoughts or opinions—and that’s okay!  Rest assured, their perspective, experience, knowledge, training, and insight are still valid.  Sometimes, we can learn more from people who have had different life experiences, and it can challenge us to appreciate different perspectives.

Have questions? Ask them! Have a comment? Share it (appropriately)!  Love a blog post?  Share it with others!  

We are pleased to partner with bloggers including:

Stay Tuned...

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      Thanks, Kelli - we're sure trying to make it so!