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Dealing with Oppositional Defiance

Parenting a child who is Oppositional Defiant can be a true test of a foster parent's mettle–and we all have to deal with it at one point or another.

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Being a Foster Dad in Public

We know that Father's Day was this past weekend and we hope that you all had a wonderful Father's Day. We asked one of our foster fathers, Jason Brown to write a bit about his experience. So in his words...

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Loving Bio Parents

It doesn't matter that the papers were signed and that your last name has a permanent place on the birth certificate now. There is still a large part of their past that will always be present. And that's completely healthy.

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CPS Complaints Happen

It's inevitable.  If you choose to foster, more than likely you will have a CPS complaint filed against you at some point. CPS may or may not choose to come out and investigate the complaint.  My objective in writing this post, is to help you prepare and navigate the process of the investigation.

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Welcome to Matthew's Child

We've officially launched our brand new site, with many new areas to help you get informed about who we are and what we're doing in our community.