We're all about community.

Matthew's Child was established to support, advocate, educate, and enhance our foster and adoptive community. Matthew's Child offers meals for families with new placements; gifts for children entering the system; support and love for families and parents; a swap option for needs a foster family may have for clothes, furniture, etc; and random acts of kindness for parents, kiddos, and social workers who are making a difference everyday! Until recently, Matthew's Child has stayed anonymous. We bless people from the shadows, simply to encourage and support. We are coming out, in complete humility, because the need is growing, and as a result, our resources must grow with it.

It is our belief that it take a community to raise a child.  Everyone is involved, be it parents, social workers, teachers, therapists, neighbors, friends, or coaches.  Not everyone is called to take children into their home; but those that are need support from others.  A friendly word of encouragement or a cup a coffee; a night out to go on a real date (outside of the grocery store); to feel supported by members of their communities as they work together to make a difference for children and families.  You are the answer to that need.